The Cornerstone of Christian Homeschooling Freedom From Sin Nature


The cornerstone of Christian homeschooling is to teach a child to control themselves and resist their sinful nature.

In this process of training up a child, it is absolutely critical to administer loving discipline to root out the foolishness of man that is part of our nature so that a child can learn to take control of themselves and become their own master, ruling over their own foolish nature.

Only parents have the authority and the opportunity to create a relationship with their children that is needed to support this loving discipline that is critical to the entire life of a child.

If a child does not get the loving discipline they need to free them from their sin nature, they grow up at a major disadvantage and are at great risk of rebelling against both civil laws and against God.

This lack of discipline results in a child that is on their own to try to find a way to gain control over their sin nature and lust for rebellion.  This puts a child’s life and eternity in jeopardy.

Homeschooling is perhaps the best method to provide a child this critical training that unlocks the chains of not being able to control themselves while giving them foundational teaching of God’s laws to help guide them throughout their entire life.

This critical teaching is why Homeschooling has the potential to save the nation from the chaos that unbridled sinful nature leads to.

Homeschooling is perhaps the only place that the next generation is being given the advantage of mastering their wills.

These children are the only ones that will be able to resist the temptations of the devil, which is the only way to defeat him.  Without the ability to resist the temptations of the devil, they remain slaves to him.

This is why your child has a 90% chance of falling away from Christianity in a public school.

The public school does not discipline children in this way nor do they teach children the laws of God. Children in public schools are therefore not given the freedom to live within their own self-control.

The public school system does not recognize God or the value of teaching His laws. Children are instead taught to embrace their natural instincts and live according to their own feelings.  This is not only dangerous, but it is also guaranteed to lead to destruction.

The bible teaches us that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked.  Every child is born desperately needing loving discipline and the guiding laws of God to become a useful part of society.

Homeschooling is not just saving our nation billions of dollars each year in taxes, it is saving the nation from complete social collapse.

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