Learning a Foreign Language is Fun Too


Learning a foreign language is not much of importance in the past. People think that they can get nothing just by plainly learn the language of other people. But as soon they realize they need to learn more languages if one wants to broaden his horizon, it is very vital.

Many businessmen failed in their business in other countries despite the fact that they are very successful in their own country. Why is this so? One concrete answer is these people failed to understand the language of the natives in the country. This is the main reason why their investment failed in foreign lands. It does not mean you are successful in your country that you will do the same in other countries. Investment in other countries takes a lot of factors one must consider in order to be successful. It does not follow whether you have billions of dollars of investment.

Take for instance the case of Chinese businessmen. Anywhere in the world, their presence is easily felt because they can easily boom in business even in countries outside of China. Chinese are very observant people. They do not only study the language but also the culture in the country they are in. This must be the reason many Chinese businessmen who started from nothing became millionaires even in third world countries. The irony is that the natives of third world countries want to work abroad saying that there is no money in their country. But the fact is, many Chinese have become millionaires in the country of the natives. It may sound weird but it did happen in many third world countries.

Learning a foreign language is now in demand in other progressive countries because of the need for more language teachers. In fact, in the US they need to employ more than a hundred thousand teachers alone. Teachers in industrialized countries are badly needed because of the lack of interest of Americans to become teachers in their whole life. The standard of living of the Americans is too high that they needed more workers from third world countries just to finish the day’s job that is not ending because of the many others waiting.

In the European countries, the tourism industry has astoundingly bloomed that they need to hire more tourist guides, to educate new language teachers and to also hire them once they finish schooling to meet the demands of the burgeoning industry in tourism. Language learning has also developed so fast to meet the demands. Many schools offering such courses are competing with each other in the form of packages just to lure potential students from other countries to enroll in.

The packages would include hotel and apartment accommodations for the easy access of the foreign students for commercial centers, internet shops, supermarkets and other stores of basic commodities.

Indeed, the time has come that the once idea of learning a foreign language is nothing, is already a thing of the past. Now the modern man accepts the realities of big changes because of the much developing society.

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