The Best Way to Learn All the Languages


Welcome to Hello Ciao! This website is dedicated to learning foreign languages online; for starters, we will focus on the most common foreign languages, including Spanish, French, Italian; Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) will later be added. We will also put the emphasis on free online language learning resources, while also mentioning commercial language learning programs. Publishing a blog or podcast is easy and inexpensive: you will be able to learn the foreign language of your choice completely for free in most cases.


Especially if you live in the United States, learning Spanish as a second language could be one of the best decisions for your career: with a fast-growing Spanish-speaking population, knowing Spanish is more important every day. There are two “versions” of Spanish: Spanish from Spain (called “Catalan”), and “South American” Spanish; the differences between the two are small enough, and learning one Spanish version will allow you to get by in all Spanish-speaking countries and regions. Speaking Spanish opens you the doors to Spain, Latin America (most of Central and South America is Spanish-speaking), and many other countries: Spanish is spoken as the primary language in 21 countries.


Dubbed The Language of Love, French remains one of the most popular choices as a second language. Romantic notions aside, French is the official language in 31 countries and spoken by over 350 million people worldwide. French is the official language in at least one country on four continents alone! French spoken in South America and Africa is very close to the French spoken in France; French has spoken in Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland is similar enough that you will not have trouble speaking French with speakers from other countries or regions.


Compared with Spanish and French, Italian is spoken by a relatively small number of people, concentrated in Italy. But considering Italy’s flourishing tourism industry, speaking Italian will come in handy sooner or later. Besides, Italian is very easy to learn and speak; because Italian is a roman language, learning it will make it easier to learn other Roman languages in the future, like French or Spanish. Whether you just want to learn a second language, or plan a trip to Italy, Italian is one of the easiest roman languages to learn, and a great choice for a first-second language!

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