The Social Benefits of Homeschooling


The book; “The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling” is a great book addressing the socialization concern of homeschooling.

This is the book to give to your skeptical friends and family members.

This book does a good job of refuting, point-by-point, the most common misconceptions about the lack of socialization of homeschooled children.

The real concern should be the negative socialization that is plaguing the public schools these days.

Socialization is a learned skill that many children need someone to help them learn. The perception that students learn this skill better in a classroom full of student vs. a network of home school students does not address the real issue, which is what is being taught?

In a public school, students learn how to socialize from each other with little control of the harmful ideas that are being taught to each other.

The advantage of homeschooled students is that their parents are much more involved in picking the students that their children are allowed to interact with.  And when questions arise with children, parents are quick to correct and explain the benefits of being nice to each other.

Whether in a public school or a home school, students need to learn how to socially interact with each other.

Both environments rely on the teachers to nurture social skills. It is the teachers and parents that make the difference.

Homeschoolers have two distinct advantages

  1. They have fewer students to deal with and therefore can be more proactive in managing students’ relationships as they develop.
  2. They have a much stronger incentive because they are teaching their own children which they have already given up monetary gains for by choosing to home school and have invested a lot of time into.


I think that in some cases homeschoolers an over socializing, due to the perception that home school students do not get enough socializing.

As homeschooling continues to grow, the number of activities far exceeds the available time that students have to spend on socialization.  In some cases, homeschoolers need to stop going to so many events so they have enough time to complete their school work.

Because of the flexibility and vas number of opportunities, the risk of too much socializing is actually far greater to homeschoolers then to public school students.

Outgoing parents have to be careful not to spend each day at events and neglecting to teach their children their school work.

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