Play a More Active Role in Homeschooling Your Child


Many parents choose to homeschool because they feel their child was not getting the best education from a public or private school. Reasons vary from questionable moral education to inflexible education guidelines and requirements.

Homeschooling can cater to your child with a very flexible education. It allows for a broad spectrum of curriculum and education techniques to be used for your child’s needs. This, of course, can’t be done in a traditional public school. However, therein lies a problem.

While homeschooling is great, there is a great deal of flexibility you can use, sometimes too much flexibility which can cause a great deal of confusion and indecision. In the same vein as working from home, homeschooling requires discipline for just for the child but for the parent as well. When homeschooling for your child, the distinction between home and school can be difficult to separate. There will be times when you are distracted from homeschooling due to other commitments. Most parents would try to multitask, educating their children and dealing with other commitments. What most parents would do is to assign homework to their children and go about dealing with other aspects of their life. Doing so can severely limit the value of your child’s education.

When you decide to go with homeschooling, you should try to better your child’s education compared to public or private schools. In public or private schools, a teacher is always present during classes so the same thing, you should always be around your child during homeschooling hours. Children especially younger ones tend to learn things from adults in subtle ways that we as adults do not realize. It may not be within our control. By leaving them to do their homework and walking away, it gives them the impression homework is not important or not your highest priority. This negative impression will affect your children’s attitude towards education for a long time to come so you want to avoid that.

Another area of importance in homeschooling is setting the “school hours”. Planning and strict adherence to the “school hours” should be followed. Any other miscellaneous tasks should be handled “after school hours”. As your child gets older, some subjects and topics can be left independently for them to learn. Just be accessible to them if they have some questions.

Just by being available for your children during “school hours”, you can make them understand an important lesson. Education is important.

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