All Teachers Should Know About Classroom Management


advice looking deeply inside ourselves to create a positive educational atmosphere. He emphasizes the link between how teachers feel about themselves and their students, and how that is consciously or unconsciously transmitted to the classroom. If we assume the best about ourselves and about our students, we are far more likely to have success than an individual who is unsure of their teaching role and about their students’ willingness or ability to learn.

As a teacher, it is a challenge to quickly and clearly think of the appropriate “logical consequence” in a charged atmosphere the moment a behavioral digression occurs. The behavior correction cannot interfere with any students’ (misbehaving or not) right to learn. The correction should not be punitive. It should be carried out by a calm teacher modeling exemplary behavior.

Classroom management strategies cannot impose too much on the administration or specialists to do the correcting for the teacher. There needs to be a set protocol to follow in difficult classroom situations. The students and teachers have worked together to create the classroom rules, so expectations are already agreed upon, clear, fair, and preferably posted in the classroom as a constant reminder.

Behavior is one of the lessons taught daily in the classroom. As Smith says, you don’t rush past teaching behavior in order to get to the “good stuff” (content). Behavior is good stuff. All humans seek a harmonious environment in which to spend their time.

It may seem as though some students thrive in energetic chaos, but according to Smith, the wise teacher interprets “challenging behavior” as a signal that the students want the teacher to step up and teach behavioral skills either more thoroughly or through a different approach. Behavioral standards can be taught at a school-wide level, within each classroom using standard protocols, and individually expressed through each teachers’ choices and motivations.

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