The Bridgepoint Education of Ashford University Has Formed an Articulation Agreement to Folsom Lake College


The Bridgepoint Education who is the mere provider of this post-secondary educational services have merely provided their focus for higher access towards a higher education program that has announced that this Ashford University has already signed in a mere articulation agreement to this Folsom Lake College.

With that, the educational learning institutes considered as a good part for this California’s Los Rios Community College and University District that been considered as one of the largest areas of this state that has already served about 85,000 learners. Through this mere agreement, learners will now able to transferring these 90 community college credits into just one of this Ashford’s online learning or towards a school campus bachelor’s educational degree programs.

With that, its been considered that this partnership enables several learners of Folsom Lake College of embarking this Ashford’s four-year undergraduate educational programs while continually putting these hard-earned credits from a Folsom to use upon. Aside from that, Ashford is quite excited to continually work on with this institution that will be considered as student-centered individuals and achievement-oriented.

So, the transfer services coordinator of this Folsom Lake College has entirely been offering its learners for more than 30 different associated educational degree options. But they have also wanted to provide their learners to have the ability to use their programs in order to segue for a compatible and educationally academic acclaimed towards bachelor program education.

Their partnership with Ashford University enables their learners upon doing. This Folsom Lake College had entirely recognized these one fastest-growing community colleges that been located in the U.S. from their national trade publication for their Community College on a weekly basis. With that, this Ashford University got a 32 articulation agreement that has already represent 129 colleges.

The Bridgepoint Education of these post-secondary educational services merely focuses on offering this associate, doctoral educational program and master are in education that includes in the field of business, psychology, health sciences, education, and social sciences.

Especially that this Bridgepoint Education will regionally be accredited for their educational academic institutions and this Ashford University and University of Rockies will now be delivering an educational program for an online setting into these traditional school campuses that been located in Colorado Springs, Clinton, Iowa, and this Colorado. Ashford University has already been accredited through this Higher Learning Commission into this North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Since this University will be offering this graduate and undergraduate educational degree program for their online setting with these Iowa and Clinton school campuses. With that, the school-university was quite been well known for a higher quality that yet been highly affordable for an online basis and unto these on-campus educational programs.

The college of this Los Rios Community College District and to one of their California’s 110 Community Colleges of Folsom Lake School College campus that have to serve approximately for about 9,300 learners in their main campus of Folsom, the Rancho of Cordova Center and this El Dorado Center.

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