Teaching English in Turkey


The Mediterranean nation of Turkey has become a popular backpacking destination in recent decades and is the bridge between Asia and Europe.  A truly fascinating country, Turkey offers a number of attractions aimed at backpackers and budget travelers and is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to Teach English as a Second Language.

The country is quite accessible as many airports offer flights to Turkey.

One of the primary benefits of Teaching English in Turkey is the ability to bond quickly with the students in your class and enable them to become a cohesive unit.  The average Turkish student has a lot of respect for their teachers, especially those that are there to teach them the English language. Turkish students are very willing to learn and learning the English language is no exception.  Teachers in Turkey are typically viewed as being serious and stern but this has the advantage of gaining the student’s respect.

Trust among Turkish students can be easily gained with TEFL.  This fosters the building of relationships and trust as well as cooperation in the classroom.

The single most important benefit of TEFL in Turkey or other countries overseas is the experience you will gain during the period of time that you are engaged in teaching the language.  This experience can prove to be invaluable in the long run for furthering your career as a teacher in addition to the rewards mentioned in the prior section.  Teaching in a country that has a lower cost of living enables you to earn significant money which can also be of great benefit.

Having the TEFL experience listed on your CV or resume can be beneficial as well, especially when you are done teaching in Turkey and are having difficulties finding another teaching position back in your home country or furthering your TEFL career overseas.

For more information about TEFL in Turkey and other places throughout the world, check out this resource How To Teach English Overseas.

Teaching English as a Second Language is a beneficial and rewarding experience.  Aside from traveling to a different country and seeing a different culture, it is an opportunity to earn excellent wages and fund further world traveling.

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