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Hundreds of courses and degrees from accredited colleges and universities are featured from Advance your career by finding the college degree program that’s right for you.

You have your choice of distance learning study programs or the more traditional college campus study programs. There are even a number of colleges that combine the two; part of your study program will take place on campus and part will take place online at your convenience.

Curriculums Offered

A partial listing of the university and college curriculums that are offered are Business Accounting, Marketing, Criminal Justice & Legal, Education & Teaching, Engineering, IT & Computer, Liberal Arts, MBA, Medical & Health, Religious Studies, and Web Design & Development.

There Is A Large Selection of Colleges and Universities to Choose From

We represent many of the leading universities and colleges that offer distance learning degrees as well as on-campus study programs. A partial listing follows:

ACCIS, AIU Online, Ashworth College, Benedictine University, California State University, Hayward, Collins College, Colorado Technical University, Concord Law School,

DeVry University, FMU Online, Gonzaga University, Grand Canyon University, Hands On Technology Transfer Inc., ITT Technical Institute – Request a FREE Brochure! , Jones International University, KWU Online,

Keiser College, Keller Graduate School of Business Management, Liberty University, Mt. Sierra College, National University – Business Administration, National University – English, National University – Executive MBA, National University – Master of Public Administration,

Regis University, South University, The University of Maryland University College – Undergraduate Programs, Thomson Education Direct – Associate Degrees, Tulane University, UMUC Online Graduate Degrees/Certificates, University of Baltimore,

University of Phoenix Online, Utica College, Villanova University, and Western Governors University

Use the Powerful College and Universities Search Engines

The list above names only a few of the available educational centers but should give you a good idea of the possibilities. You can see that you have a tremendous selection of colleges and universities to choose from.

Not to worry. The sites that we recommend have powerful search features and are organized in such a way that you can quickly narrow things down and put together your own “shortlist”. You will find sources of financial aid on the web sites as well. That all-important college degree may be closer to being a reality than you may now think.

While not having a college degree doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful and lead a good life it is a fact that if you work for someone or for a company rather than for yourself and do not have a college degree your career path and earnings can peak at an early date.

You probably already realize the importance of higher education in our society or you wouldn’t be viewing these web pages. Without a college degree, many companies will pass you over for promotion in favor of an associate who does have a degree. That may not seem fair, especially if you are better at the job, but it is a fact of business life.

Why Not Realize Your Full Potential?

There is another reason to earn your college degree. If you realize the importance of a college degree and of higher education but have yet to earn your own degree you are likely to feel unhappy and disappointed with yourself until you have one. The confidence and self-esteem that will come with your degree is as important as the degree itself. Of course, achieving a higher income for the rest of your life is also worth considering.-)

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