A Healing Case Reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association

Healing – In February 1906, the patient left for California weighing approximately 45 kilos instead of the initial 55 kilos. There were still thirty-one sores on the body. The patient became calmer and less nervous, lived most of the time outside, began to sleep well, had more appetite, and a marked tendency to heal wounds appeared. No medication was taken after March 1906. In August 1906, the last plague disappeared. I have seen the patient on various occasions since and she is apparently, and as of the date of this report, July 12, 1907, in perfect health. She wrote to me recently, “I am better now than I have ever been, and I can endure all things without discomfort or pain “.

Diagnostic. – The diagnosis of generalized blastomycosis was made, not only on the basis of clinical symptoms, including the appearance of lesions with the naked eye and excluding other diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, etc. through microscopic examination of pus from wounds including the development of a culture of Blastomyces [fungi]. The culture experiments were carried out by Doctor Oliver Ormsby. The patient was examined on several occasions by Doctors James Nevins Hyde, Joseph Zeisler, and JB Murphy. They concluded with the diagnosis of generalized blastomycosis. ”

The detailed account of this cure was published (in English) in The Christian Science Journal(1909, p. 617). The author explains in particular that this organic disease ” is as ugly as leprosy and painful like any form of rheumatic disorder “.

Here is an extract:

” The patient fell ill at the end of May 1904 and was no longer able to leave her bed except for brief moments until she was taken to California in February 1906. On her arrival in Los Angeles, hotels, hospitals, and sanatoriums refused to admit it. (…)

Like all the others who had to be led to accept the truth, my wife contemptuously disdained the possibility of being healed by Christian science, until her doctor told her that her place was at home or she could “die among her friends”. (…)

The doctor was dismissed in the morning and a Christian Science practitioner called in the afternoon. The patient had had very little or no natural sleep during her illness and had been unable to digest her food in the past weeks.   She then weighed less than 41 kilos, while her normal weight was 59 kilos. The speed of its progress thanks to treatment in Christian science was almost phenomenal, and if it were not confirmed by responsible people, it would appear as illusory, even completely false.

March 28, 1906, was the doctor’s last day of presentations and the first day of treatment in Christian Science. It may sound incredible, but after the first treatment in Christian Science, she drank two cups of coffee and ate several donuts and a plate of beans during her evening meal. Then she slept until 7 am the next morning, without her usual medication.

After a month, she returned to Chicago, and even though she could not walk very much, she made rapid progress under the treatment of a Christian Science practitioner from that city. In July of the same year, she had regained her normal weight and she could walk and stand as she did before her illness. Today, she is still in good health, having spent a year traveling all over the world, without the pains and pains that generally accompany such a trip. “


Jacques Lusseyran deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp from January 1944 to April 1945, testifies of his meeting in this same camp, with a man whom he describes as extraordinary, Jérémie Regard.

He recounts this encounter which marked his life in his book “The world begins today”.
As he describes it, Jérémie Regard was a simple man who lived the essential and that no condition diverted from his Inner Joy:

”  He had a story to which he often returned: he belonged, he said to the movement of the Christian science [Christian science]…. »(P. 31). Jeremiah set an example: he found joy right in block 57. He found it in those times of the day when we only found fear. And he found it in such abundance that we felt him, present, rising in us. What joy? … The joy of being alive … What do I know? Joy. Is that not enough for you? It did better than suffice us: it was forgiveness, there, all of a sudden, a few steps from hell … The joy of discovering that joy exists, that it is in us, just like life, without conditions and, therefore, that no condition, even the worst, can kill it.


Desperate, I walked to the middle of the bridge, leaned over the railing, and fixed the water below. I considered jumping. A doctor had told me that I had a severe nervous breakdown, but he didn’t know what to do for me. I had two young children and although I ardently wished to be there for them and to be in good health, I did not want them to grow up in an atmosphere where they would see their mother suffering from a mental illness, a situation that I had known myself when I was a child.

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